Since 1922, Midland Engineering's cornice roofing services has built a reputation with their extraordinary decorative and restorative copper sheet metal roofing capabilities, on many specialty cornice fabricated roofing projects. Our fabrication roofing services cover installation and repair for both interior and exterior architecturally needed restorative roofing projects. Midland's custom roofing fabrication services provides customers with the flexibility to revitalize existing copper cornices, to replicating or engineer non stamped cornices on many commercial roofs. Midland Engineering roofing specialists will customize, match, or create your business cornice work for you.

Our craftsmanship in fashioning copper, lead-coated copper and other metals into architectural designs of remarkable aesthetic appeal has been proven in project after project throughout the Midwest and across the country on many commercial roofing projects.

Besides cornices, we can create or provide a wide variety of sheet metal ornaments, including panel ornaments, crosses, cartouches, mouldings, crestings, brackets, rosettes, garlands, marquees and marquee enhancements, dentils, finials, festoons, urns - even highly detailed caryatids, gargoyles and lion's heads. And that's only a partial list.


Few other roofing and sheet metal companies offer such specialized in-house capability. We work with everything from customized, intricately handcrafted ornamentation to pre-engineered systems, made-to-order.

Conservators, architects, artists, and other roofing contractors alike know they can count on Midland for their sheet metal and cornice roofing work that will withstand the test of time - structurally and aesthetically.

Click here to view images of the below Cross that was Custom built and Blessed by Pope John Paul.

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